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點此報名:2024 女子爽

HOW TO actually...
wash & take care ur swimwear in the best way

the things you never thought would be so important!

lots of costumers bought their swimwear online or online being sure that 🦋


Sweaty Sweetie was inspired by 1970s, the rising of Woman Power and Jane Fonda’s workout. The evolution of the women's movement in the 70s also speaks out and contains Hotsauce's concept - Confidence Breeds Beauty. As all women should be confident in themselves, to believe that they have the power to achieve their dreams. In addition, fashion trend in 1970-1980s was definitely a playful time, full of energy and possibilities! It embraces women body image, and more variety and sparkly! All the Disco, Hustle Dance, lots of goods in young people’s childhood were made in the time. That was the reason why our creative team named our items as Hubba Bubba, Jelly, Ring Pop…etc, shiny and colourful as they really do ✨ All sweet, spice and everything nice!

"Feminism is not just about women, it’s about letting all people lead fuller lives."   - Jane Fonda

女性主義不單純只是關於女人,它是跟讓所有人活得更完整有關」- 珍芳達


生命後期皆在為女性權利奮鬥,擁有戲劇化生命經歷的珍芳達,在那個女性地位極奇低落的時代,勇敢為女權主義發聲。「在那個時候,也就是1960年代初期,物化和性別歧視隨處可見,你對這個情況莫可奈何。直到後來,隨著婦女運動興起,這種情況才開始改變。我和別人共同創辦女性媒體中心(Woman's Media Center),幫助擴大婦女的發言權。」 —Jane Fonda 珍芳達的理念和堅持,造福了後續的眾多女性,她讓我們知道,身為女性,絕對也跟男性一樣是獨立的存在,而不需要依附著任何人。如辣醬真理所共鳴:有自信最美。包括相信女性能獨立完成自己夢想、接受自己的樣子。

秉持著這樣的信念的 Jane Fonda 是辣醬團隊也非常崇拜的女性運動代表,這次的 Sweaty Sweetie 系列了充滿了 70 及 80 年代的氛圍,結合了體操、Hustle Dance 的形象。而受到 1970 年代女性權利的崛起、珍.芳達的健身錄影帶和當時的流行所啟發,除了七〇-八〇年代是個充滿活力和可能性的區間,這也使我們用那年代流行的糖果,來為此系列命名,希望所有喜愛辣醬的妳也能感受那個年代的美好與繽紛!

Styles & Colours | 款式 & 顏色

We’ve got two styles of top and two styles of bottom, in 5 different colors in this collection - they all match with each other. With special concept, you could become a designer and style into different looks in one set, collect multiple bikinis in one time. Not just a swimsuit, pair with your jeans or workout leggings, make the sauce become your daily look.

Sweaty Sweetie 這系列擁有兩款上身及兩款下身、五種顏色,皆可互相搭配! 巧妙的設計配合綁帶讓你也可以成為自己的設計師!一件泳裝搭出不同的樣子,一次擁有多套泳裝 不只是泳衣,配上牛仔、運動 Leggings 皆可直接出門! 辣醬致力於讓一如繼往的海邊 Look 也可成為你的 Daily Look Why not? Cuz you're way too hot!

Hubba Bubba Top (with strap) 泡泡糖綁帶比基尼


Elegant Drawstring Design to achieve the effect of modifying the chest curve Full coverage for breast, full bust friendly Side openings allow Straps to be hot level adjustable
Free to style with Strap in variety ways
Removable pads included
Every Hubba Bubba Top comes with 1 strap (same color)

優雅抽皺設計,達到修飾胸型曲線效果 豐滿辣辣也不用擔心,包覆感十足


Jelly Belly High Waist Bottom 雷根糖高腰下身


Mid to high waist design lengthening leg with cherry cheeky pattern. Side openings and belt loop design can be matched with the same strap for multiple changes. (Single purchase of the bottom does not come with a strap.)

中高腰長度,配上剛剛好的丁字版型,無限拉長腿部比例 側面洞口、後方褲耳設計,可搭配同款綁帶,穿出多種變化 (單購下身並無附贈綁帶)

Jello Bikini Bottom 果凍雷根糖高腰下身


Classic V shape with cherry cheeky design. Not smokey hot but enough.

經典 V 字中腰設計,搭配後方抓皺咬臀版型 適合想要中微辣性感的你

🎞 寫到這邊,不知道在閱讀的各位辣辣是否有發現... 這些名稱都很耳熟嗎?
因為很多小時候愛的糖果也是在這個時候創造出來的!!! 因此這系列的款式都將以糖果命名呦,是不是可愛又復古呢 !? 🦋



Scrunchie 大腸圈


The best buddy for Ring Pop Top is a Scrunchie!
 一樣 OG 的大腸圈就是搭配復古版型上衣的最佳夥伴



Stay tuned for more on Sweaty Sweetie...
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