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And So Are You 💖

Pink Month #粉紅十月

October has been designated as the Pink Month! And you know how much we care about women community 💖 #ImBeauitful 

HOT INNER VIEW 🩺Tammy's Triathlon Journey

🎙剝皮辣椒專訪🌶 僅訓練兩個月就戰三鐵

Wild hot spring in HsinChu! Let's go! 

hot elf & pepper went on a stranger's car on the halfway of the hike.... ♨️

Took a few wild hot pepper to wild hot spring! 

where did they go? ♨️ soaking yourself in the warmest hot spring is the best thing you can enjoy in winter! say what now? click in!😉

Fabric & Value of Sweaty Sweetie

your investment on a piece of swimsuit, part of it depends on its own fabric and how it mattered to human nature 🌿

Story of Sweaty Sweetie: Styles, Colours & Fabric

there are so much you need to know for Sweaty Sweetie series as Designer Swimsuits 🌎

Let's Bake with LOVE!

Bake with love, bake with you 💖

More Q&A about us!

Wanna know more about Hotsauce?

WFH be like...

🌶 辣精靈們的WFH特輯