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Fabric & Value Of...
Sweaty Sweetie

hey hot pepper you 🦋 ever thought the fabric your swimsuit is as well as important? well, don't you ever think this part is NOT important. READ THIS CHAPTER than the rest! Jk. But trust me, gal.

很多辣辣們或許會覺泳衣的材質差異性,對自身好像不那麼重要、或差異不大到能造成什麼影響。但一項高品質的布料,可是會成敗一件泳裝的生命長久性呦 ✨ 讓我們往下讀下去吧 !!!

 80% PA 錦綸,20% EA 彈力纖維 

High quality starry like imported fabric from Italy gives you that extra spot light on the beach!


🌶 Comfortable two way stretch fit perfectly

🌶  Pilling resistant, the elasticity makes the swimwear fit comfortably but also shapes your body

🌶 UV Protection

🌶  CL Resistant

🌶 Sunscreen and Oil Resistant OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificated - providing a safe guarantee fabric, also protecting the environment


這次 Sweaty Sweetie 系列使用的布料非常特別使用高質感義大利進口布料,有著星空般的色澤和閃耀,舒適雙面彈布料讓泳裝合身並彈性適中,不勒肉卻能順著自身身材曲線並修飾線條

🌶 防勾紗

🌶 抗紫外線

🌶 抗防曬油/霜,就算沾到泳衣也能輕易洗淨

🌶 抗氯:所以到泳池穿著也沒有問題!不會因此而褪色或耗損

🌶 且通過「紡織品信心認證標誌 Oeko-Tex Standard 100」

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 is a set of standards established by the International Association for Research and Testing in the filed of Textile Ecology (OEKO-TEX®) to test the properties of textiles and garments that affect human health.

Anyway, through this type of test, the products of the Sweaty Sweetie series contains several features:

🍕Production Process:
refers to the process of manufacturing fibers, textiles and garments that will not cause adverse effects on the environment, and meet the conditions of no air pollution, no water pollution, waste treatment and noise reduction.

🍕 Human Health:
minimize the content of harmful substances produced by daily wear on human health.

🍕 Waste Treatment:
recycling and reuse of textiles, decomposition treatment does not release harmful substances, and incineration and destruction does not pollute the air, etc.


Hotsauce believes that while being beautiful, it's important to also provides safe and secure textiles to protect our environment. In addition to the hope to create a distinctive design, Hotsauce Team loves the Father of Ocean and the Mother of Nature. In the pull of economic interests and environmental protection, it chooses to treat our precious land and earth in a friendly way as much as possible! Because there's no you and me, we are one even the Earth, We Are All One.

有點無聊但還是想讓妳們知道「甚麼是 Oeko-Tex Standard 100」!!!

OEKO-TEX Standard 100是由國際環保紡織協會 (International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology,簡稱OEKO-TEX®) 制定的一套測試紡織及成衣製品影響人體健康的性質的標準。

而通過這項檢測表示 Sweaty Sweetie 系列的商品包含了幾個特點:

🍕 生產過程:

🍕 人類健康:

🍕 廢料處理:

在漂亮的同時,也提供辣辣們安全有保障的紡織品並維護環境。 辣醬除了希望創造與眾不同的設計外,也因為整個團隊都熱愛海洋與大自然,在經濟利益與環境保護的拉扯中,盡可能地選擇較友善的方式對待我們的土地與地球。


Stay tuned for more on Sweaty Sweetie...
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